September 29, 2007

Photo of the week: Whole Foods Oakland

A grocery store search on Yahoo for the Grand Lake neighborhood of Oakland, in which the new Whole Foods is located, yields three other stores: 7-Eleven, Grocery Outlet, and K&S Store. The Yahoo Maps tool does not capture all grocery stores in the neighborhood. For example, there is a corner market on Grand and Perkins, specializing in Ethiopian food stuff. Furthermore, the definition of grocery store is unclear if a convenience store like the 7-Eleven is included in the map. Anyway, the point is that Whole Foods Oakland has filled the need for a large grocery store in the Grand Lake neighborhood, and in Oakland generally. 27th and Harrison "Market hall" interior design right, Road to upper-level parking is behind the grey and yellow walls Cafe style seating (also located in the store); 10 bicycle racks; recycling center; narrow shopping carts Neighbours


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