September 1, 2007

Food etceteras

I came across these photos (see below) I took in July at the Peralta Community Garden. I got a Jargonelle pear and an Andean cape gooseberry (also known as ground cherry) from Paul, an Eco-House resident, Karl Linn garden gardener, and a Dig Coop member. It's quite curious that once you are aware of a thing you begin to see examples of that thing everywhere. So it has been with edible front yards. On my runs throughout Berkeley (I am training for a half marathon), I've come across more edible estates (or edible front yards): a side yard at Milvia at Parker, Stuart between Telegraph and Ellsworth, 2208 and 2310 Roosevelt (the latter is the yard of an apartment building), and a yard on southeast Grant at Dwight. Stuart Street edible estate Thanks to Jen's comment on a previous post about edible estates front yards which led me to All Edibles, an edible landscaping company based in Berkeley and co-founded by Kirk Saunders and Sara Weihmann. You can learn more about Kirk and Sara's process and view works in progress on the company website. The process includes the removal of lawn; the lawn has been the site of contention nationwide and the subject of garden bloggers on Garden Rant. Related posts Collecting seeds at the Peralta Community Garden Spilling the beans Tomatoes in my garden


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