Washington Square Park (WSP) Eco Projects

Celebrating and communicating about the natural features of Washington Square Park, NYC with events + the WSP Eco Map. Check out our fundraising campaign on ioby:

Ecological Street Tree

1. Mainstreaming the environmental benefits of street trees, Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 2013,
2. Geography of environmental services from urban forest expansion

Broadcasting Tree Benefits & Care InformationTracking the ways in which nonprofits and municipal agencies communicate tree benefits and stewardship information to residents at

Urban Biodiversity Knowledge

Little is known about individuals who volunteer to collect data for citizen science projects. Moreover, little is known about volunteers, and their “small data” that are not tied to big data projects. This study explores these gaps.

Eat Street Trees!

Documenting and encouraging edible urban forests. Look at the fruits of our streets at


Nature-made sites are intentionally designed to provide ecological benefits and to improve environmental quality. Add your site at”. Also check out our Pinterest board at

Tree Elegies

How do individuals and communities respond to tree loss? What are the implications for landscape changes resulting from biological plagues and climate change events such as storm surges and rising temperatures? Follow the project on Storify at

Green Infrastructure Design, Diffusion & Governance

Green infrastructure are biotechnologies and we chart their design, diffusion, and governance over time


Read wide ranging urban ecological ruminations at the Local Ecologist blog at


Georgia Silvera Seamans trained as a community and urban forester in New Haven and Boston. She has degrees from UC Berkeley, the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, and Wesleyan University.


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